Twitter Rolls Out ‘Fleets’ – Tweets That Vanish In A Day

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It’s exciting to see Twitter is experimenting with new social interaction features with it’s audience.

Twitter, a social network known for its short messages (280 character) which has given users to think and then post a message that brings an impact to its Tweetarati, is now giving users another way to share their thoughts online through vanishing content like Stories in the form of Text, Video and Audio clips.

“It is crucial that people feel inspired and have the tools and capabilities to actually talk and create content in order for the rest of us to stay informed about our interests!”
Kayvon Beykpour, Twitter’s product lead.

How it all started?

Twitter has been experimenting its own version of “Stories” that is similar to the top social media sites like Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram. Fleets is an ephemeral content via text, video or audio, that one can post on its Twitter profile and it will automatically disappear after 24 hours.

Twitter started testing this feature in June 2020. Fleets have shown encouraging test results from several markets including Brazil, India, and South Korea.

On Tuesday Twitter rolled out its disappearing tweets feature called “Fleets” for all users worldwide.

Checkout the announcement from their official handle:

‘Fleet’ in particular is a matter of peculiar interest and thoughts shared to the public. One of the highlights of Fleet is that there are no public retweets, replies or likes.

It’s also experimenting with private online sites wherein users can chat with others through audio clips similar to social media app ‘Clubhouse‘ by Paul Davison.


How do I add a Fleet – Tweet?

This feature is currently available on iOS and Android Twitter Apps.

The feature appears on the top of the users timeline, horizontally in rounded profile icons, similar to Instagram. Just click on the Add icon and as the view opens just select you image / clip or simply add text, you can choose to change the background gradient/solid color or bold or add outline to the text, and then click on the ‘Fleet’ button on the top.

Your followers will see your Fleets at the top of their home timeline, and if you have open ‘DM’, anyone can reply to your Fleets too.

The Challenge?

Users who use Twitter for personal & business growth found it a little bit challenging to drive the context of the interaction with their fellow audience. But I feel if you are used to Stories from other social media platforms, this will be a slow learning curve.

On the other hand those new to Twitter found ‘Fleets’ unique display way easier and convenient on what’s on their mind.

Another reason I feel users adopted ‘Fleets’ is because the text/clip disappear after 24hrs, this gave the advantage to users to feel comfortable and confident, sharing their personal and casual thoughts, and feelings.

Another point-of-view is that, as Fleets post’s disappear after 24hrs it doesn’t stop anyone taking a screenshot of the post and then share it in the traditional Tweet with the image and comment.

So one has to be very careful on What and How much they share on the platform 🤞

What’s next?

Twitter said that stickers and live broadcasting will be available in Fleets soon.

Also as the content is audio and visual, it would be a Unique and Big feature to have a way for these content to be accessible for the deaf and blind, respectively.

Let’s see what the future holds! 👨‍💻

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