Review Guidelines


The review principle at BuzzingCode is simple, we want to provide useful and relevant information to our users, and reviewing products/services is a part of the same. We do this by either doing a quick survey or asking in the tech community; we draw a checklist against the products/services and score them. For everything else there is always the open Internet.

If you want to get your product/service reviewed by us, send us an email to

Code/Tech reviews is an essential part of the technical blogging process, ensuring that standards and authenticity is balanced. (Reviewing is often an unseen and unrewarded task, but we don’t mind!)

Before You Submit

To help us review your product/services smoothly as possible, please follow the below steps. This doesn’t replace the guidelines or guarantee approval, but making sure you follow our simple guidelines: (Email Content Format)

  • Product/Service Name
  • Product/Service Name Description
  • About Us and Contact URL
  • Social Media Presence
  • Demo credential (if login is required)
  • Guidelines on:
    • How to use it
    • How will it benefit the end user
    • Target Audience
    • Which Category does your product/service fall in; like – Tech, Coding, Algorithms, UI, UX, Design, Engineering etc

Send us your review requests at You can also check our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy for more information.

Note: The final decision to accept or decline any review request is ours. Also, guest post requests are welcome.