How AWS was created and took over the Cloud by storm?

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You might have heard about AWS (Amazon Web Services) at least once in your programming career, if not then never mind you will get your answers in the post.

How it all started?

A handful of people know that AWS had first stepped into the Cloud industry back in 2002, but later in 2003, Jeff Bezos’ Amazon leadership team was asked to identify the core strengths of the company. 

After much deliberation and talks the grand idea had emerged: 

Combination of Infrastructure Services and Developer/DevOps Tools could become the building blocks of the operating system environment for the internet.

March 19, 2006, AWS offered :

  1. Simple Storage Service (S3) 
  2. Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) 
  3. Simple Queue Service (SQS)

Now during this Cloud revolution, AWS took the opportunity to bring Complex Systems with developer-friendly services. This attracted cloud-ready customers, opening the doors to big data-driven enterprises such as Dropbox, Netflix, and Reddit, all before 2010.

AWS Services and Offerings

AWS service/product announcements are either pre-announced or in some form of limited preview, like a beta release. Sometimes these releases are available in one or more AWS regions.

What’s amazing is that AWS understood the cloud game early and took the decision of expanding their services globally and keeping in mind the SAAS Model.

As of 2019, AWS has distinct operations in 22 geographical regions:

  • 7 in North America, 
  • 1 in SouthAmerica, 
  • 6 in Europe, 
  • 1 in the Middle-East, 
  • 1 in Africa 
  • 8 in Asia Pacific.

Lets us see some of the popular release dates to the public:

Service Name Type Released On
Timestream Database 30-Sep-20
Fraud Detector Machine Learning 28-Jul-20
IoT SiteWise Internet of Things 09-Jul-20
CodeArtifact Developer Tools 10-Jun-20
Kendra Machine Learning 11-May-20
Appflow Application Integration 22-Apr-20
DeepComposer Machine Learning 02-Apr-20
Data Exchange Analytics 13-Nov-19
Quantum Ledger Database (QLDB) Database 10-Sep-19
Forecast Machine Learning 22-Aug-19
Personalize Machine Learning 10-Jun-19
IoT Things Graph Internet of Things 30-May-19
IoT Events Internet of Things 30-May-19
Managed Streaming for Kafka Analytics 30-May-19
App Mesh Networking & Content Delivery 27-Mar-19
WorkLink End User Computing 22-Jan-19
DocumentDB (with MongoDB compatibility) Database 09-Jan-19
Well-Architected Tool Management & Governance 29-Nov-18
Cloud Map Networking & Content Delivery 28-Nov-18
Elastic Inference Machine Learning 28-Nov-18
Global Accelerator Networking & Content Delivery 26-Nov-18
DataSync Migration & Transfer 26-Nov-18
IoT Device Defender Internet of Things 02-Aug-18
Elastic Kubernetes Service Compute 05-Jun-18
Single Sign-On Security, Identity & Compliance 07-Dec-17
Cloud9 Developer Tools 30-Nov-17
Alexa for Business Business Applications 30-Nov-17
IoT Device Management Internet of Things 29-Nov-17
GuardDuty Security, Identity & Compliance 28-Nov-17
Pinpoint Mobile 01-Dec-16
Step Functions Application Integration 01-Dec-16
Elastic File System (EFS) Storage 28-Jun-16
Application Discovery Service Migration & Transfer 12-May-16
GameLift Game Tech 09-Feb-16
WorkMail Business Applications 04-Jan-16
Elasticsearch Service Analytics 01-Oct-15
API Gateway Networking & Content Delivery 09-Jul-15
Lambda Compute 09-Apr-15
Elastic Container Service Compute 09-Apr-15
CodeDeploy Developer Tools 12-Nov-14
Directory Service Security, Identity & Compliance 21-Oct-14
WorkDocs End User Computing 27-Aug-14
CloudTrail Management & Governance 13-Nov-13
Redshift Database 14-Feb-13
Storage Gateway Storage 29-Oct-12
S3 Glacier Storage 20-Aug-12
CloudSearch Analytics 11-Apr-12
DynamoDB Database 18-Jan-12
Simple Email Service (SES) Customer Engagement 02-Apr-11
Elastic Beanstalk Compute 09-Sep-11
Route 53 Networking & Content Delivery 06-Dec-10
CloudFront Networking & Content Delivery 09-Nov-10
Simple Notification Service (SNS) Application Integration 07-04-2010
Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) Networking & Content Delivery 18-May-09
EC2 Compute 23-Oct-08
Elastic Block Store (EBS) Storage 20-Aug-08
Simple Queue Service (SQS) Application Integration 11-Jul-06
Simple Storage Service (S3) Storage 13-Mar-06

What’s new in AWS 2020?

AWS is constantly adding new capabilities so you can leverage the latest and the cutting edge technologies to either experiment or innovate or productive, more quickly. 

AWS on Jan 20, 2020 has announced plans to open a full AWS Region in Osaka, Japan. 

The Asia Pacific (Osaka) Region will become AWS’s ninth region in Asia Pacific, joining existing regions in Beijing, Hong Kong, Mumbai, Ningxia, Seoul, Singapore, Sydney, and Tokyo.

You can check for upcoming releases and news on

As it turned out Jeff and his team at Amazon never predicted that a small idea would one day become so big one, what they saw was nothing less than the future of computing.

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