About BuzzingCode

#WhoAmI ?

Hey there, my name is Austin Noronha and I’m a developer, a self-taught UI/UX designer, problem solver and now exploring my way thru the dynamic world of tech blogging.

In short:

  • I’m a web enthusiast.
  • I like to play around with code.
  • I love building website & mobile apps.

My Journey

Let’s rewind a bit, to the year 2012 when I was just another developer who was working and developing websites with PHP, Javascript, HTML etc. WordPress was my key strength.

But something changed that year when I moved to a full-stack position, wherein I had the opportunity to be a part of the complete Agile Development flow, like gathering requirement from clients, brainstorm on the development activity and then derive a plan to complete the project. This helped me hone my skills and expand my knowledge in not only programming but also in the area of project management.

It was the time, I felt like…Okay. This is it! I’m going to be a programmer, development manager and make a difference.

Taking the next step with blogging

Over the past several months I have been obsessed with different technologies and designing that have helped me better my programming and UI/UX skills.

Let’s just say I have been engaged in developing cutting edge applications for web and mobile and they’re pretty impressive, but no matter how many programming languages or frameworks or tools I get my hands onto, there’s always this itch on how to be better and agile.

While I’m growing and exploring the coding & design universe, I would like give back to the space by sharing my knowledge and expertise.

And thus early 2020 BuzzingCode was born!

My Mission 🚀

“To bring unique + buzzing topics on code & tech, UI/UX & designs and having fun with some code challenges along the journey… prizes too!”

Buzzing Coder

If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact me or simply click here to use the online contact form.

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Till the next time, happy coding and keep learning! 😄

Decoding…. Coding!

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